The Long Riders' Guild

Ocean to Ocean

A Tribute to
"Two-Gun" Nan and Lady Ellen

by the famous Cowboy Poet
TJ Casey


Two Gun Nan


Two Gun Nan was a cowgirl,

a double-tough hand in camp.

First gal to ride ‘cross this nation,

six months a saddle tramp.


She rode her bay ‘cross the country;

“Lady Ellen” was her name.

Four thousand, four hundred, ninety six miles

brought this gal her fame.


She was skilled with rope, gun, and horse

and could use all three with skill.

As good a hand as any man

that rode down from the hill.


From ninety-nine ‘til fifty-eight,

Two Gun Nan was a household name.

Then she disappeared, without a trace

folks nearly forgot her fame.


Finally the Long Riders Guild

and others researched and found 

Two Gun's long lost story, as         

through old files they dug around.


Two Gun had occupations

that would make yer eyes go wide;

but one sure thing about her

“the Montana Girl could ride”.


We've learned through observation,

and research of archives;

Two Gun was an entrepreneur

that made a difference in others lives.


Will we ever really know

just where this tough gal was from?

Was it Nebraska? or Montana?

From whence she really come.


I think her every bit a heroine

of our great American Frontier.

Let her story be passed on forever;

hats off to you, my dear!!


Words by TJ Casey, copyright 3/19/08.


To learn more about this renowned poet, cowboy and acclaimed singer, visit his website.


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