The Long Riders' Guild

Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration

Tables of Contents

Volume I

Section One The Preparation

Chapter 1 Overcoming Resistance

Chapter 2 Understanding the Journey

Chapter 3 No Preparation, No Success

Chapter 4 Finances and Insurance

Chapter 5 Choosing Your Destination

Chapter 6 Planning Your Route

Chapter 7 The Paperwork

Chapter 8 Your Choice of Companions

Chapter 9 Before you Saddle Up


Section Two The Horses
Chapter 10 A New Herd Ethic

Chapter 11 One Horse or Two?

Chapter 12 That rare thing, the Road Horse

Chapter 13 Before You Buy Horses

Chapter 14 Inspecting Horses

Chapter 15 Purchasing Horses

Chapter 16 Equine Bill of Sale

Chapter 17 Long Rider Horsemanship Part 1

Chapter 18 Long Rider Horsemanship Part 2

Chapter 19 Getting Your Horse Fit

Chapter 20 - The Pack Horse

Chapter 21 Pack Horse Training

Chapter 22 Long Rider Packing

Chapter 23 Caring for Your Horse

Chapter 24 Securing Your Horse

Chapter 25 Grooming Your Horse

Chapter 26 Watering Your Horse

Chapter 27 Feeding Your Horse

Chapter 28 Shoeing Your Horse

Chapter 29 Documenting Your Horse

Chapter 30 Travelling Health Record


Section Three The Equipment
Chapter 31 The Equipment No More, No Less

Chapter 32 Riding Saddles

Chapter 33 Horse Equipment

Chapter 34 Pack Saddles

Chapter 35 Long Rider Equipment

Chapter 36 Electronic Equipment

Chapter 37 Support Vehicles

 Volume II

Section Four The Challenges

Chapter 38 Courage and Common Sense

Chapter 39 Mountains

Chapter 40 Deserts

Chapter 41 Rivers

Chapter 42 Jungles

Chapter 43 Quicksand

Chapter 44 Environmental Hazards

Chapter 45 Storms

Chapter 46 Cold

Chapter 47 Heat

Chapter 48 Bridges and Tunnels

Chapter 49 Gates and Cattle Guards

Chapter 50 Traffic

Chapter 51 Transport

Chapter 52 Borders and Bureaucrats

Chapter 53 Guides and Natives

Chapter 54 Attacks and Arrests

Chapter 55 Guns and Trouble

Chapter 56 Horse Theft

Chapter 57 Animal Attacks

Chapter 58 Wolf Attacks

Chapter 59 Insect Attacks

Chapter 60 Long Rider Health

Chapter 61 Horse Health

Chapter 62 Sore Backs

Chapter 63 Colic

Chapter 64 Death on the Trail


Volume III

Section Five The Journey

Chapter 65 A Day in the Saddle

Chapter 66 Daily Distance

Chapter 67 Hospitality or Hostility

Chapter 68 Surviving Local Accommodations

Chapter 69 Adapting to New Cultures

Chapter 70 Stables and Shelters

Chapter 71 Finding Fodder

Chapter 72 Camping

Chapter 73 Life on the Road

Chapter 74 Long Rider Ethics

Chapter 75 The Long Quiet


Section Six The Aftermath

Chapter 76 The End of the Journey

Chapter 77 Saying Goodbye to your Horse

Chapter 78 Who You have Become

Chapter 79 Between Two Worlds

Chapter 80 Honour


Section Seven Epilogue

The Future of Equestrian Travel


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