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Howard Saether and Janja Kovačič's Ride
from Uruguay to Texas!


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Equestrian Explorers Howard and Janja left their home in Europe to seek adventure in the wilds of South America. 

Howard and Janja are riding to Texas from South America on a journey which they estimate will take at least two years.  Howard is Norwegian,  and his wife Janja comes from Slovenia.  Though they have a long history of adventurous sailing around the world, this is their first equestrian expedition.

Their route from Uruguay to Texas is the first recorded attempt to ride from this hospitable South American country, with its overlooked history of equestrian traditions, to the cowboy culture of faraway Texas.

October 2002

The Long Riders' Guild has had a very surprising email from Howard and Janja!  

"We are in San Borja, in the department of Beni, Bolivia.  This is cattle-ranching district, and we like it very much here.  Actually we like it so much that we have decided to settle here as cattle-ranchers.    

During our trip we have learned to like the life on the estancias very much, and here the land / estancias are very cheap, and the labor too, is extremely cheap.  A normal pay for a cowboy here is around US 50 per month.

We have already hired a very good man to take care of our horses and Bella, and to check out the properties for sale, while we go back to Europe to sort out our things there, and to visit our families.  

We always had trouble with the idea that we would have to sell our horses after the trip, but now they are (and will be) our pride and joy.  We also like the idea that we came riding a few thousand kilometers to where we’ll settle down.  This is a tropical region, but the climate is not too tough.  The wildlife is fantastic, with all kinds of thinkable and unthinkable animals and birds.  Here are very few laws and obstacles, and we can still enjoy riding around with the six-shooter on our hips." 

Janja is seen hard at work drinking coffee and writing an email to The Long Riders' Guild!

So Howard and Janja's amazing adventures continue, but not their expedition.  Congratulations to these intrepid Long Riders on finishing their trip safely, and for putting their horses' welfare first.

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