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It takes a lot to get us excited around here at The Long Riders' Guild.
Call it the "Too many miles - Too many countries" syndrome.
But I don't mind telling you that we became seriously agitated when we discovered an amazing new product called Superfast. Originally designed to help horses who had suffered damage to the hoof wall, it wasn't long before someone realized this fast-setting urethane material might be strong enough to replace traditional horse shoes.
The idea itself is simple.
1 - Clean and trim the horse's hoof.
2 - Squeeze the trigger of the applicator gun, thereby releasing the material onto the bottom of the hoof.
3 - Allow the material to harden for three minutes.
4 - Rasp it smooth.
5 - And as the French say, "Voila"!
You now have a rock hard shoe (and no nail holes).
As stated at the beginning of this section, we believe Superfast could be the answer to several of the long term problems which have plagued equestrian travelers for generations. The applicator gun and a tube of material weigh less than a standard set of horse shoes and nails, (thereby solving the problem of weight). Anyone can do it, (thereby solving the problem of using incompetent farriers). It doesn't require any special solvents, (thereby solving the question of "glue-on" horse shoes). It is reasonably priced and can be shipped world wide (which means Long Riders could use it on extended journeys stretching across various continents).
Because this is a new product, we have not been able to locate anyone who has used it on an extended equestrian journey. People we spoke to in Florida, USA told us trail riders in that state were routinely using Superfast instead of traditional metal horse shoes. These trail riders were supposedly having excellent results, reporting that Superfast was lasting up to eight weeks before needing to be replaced.
However the Vettec company, which manufactures Superfast, has expressed a strong desire to discuss the possibilities of how this revolutionary new system might be used to solve one of the oldest problems known to equestrian travel. The national sales manager, Frank Dugan, spoke to us several times about the international uses of Superfast for Long Riders. Frank was quick to offer hands-on advice about how to apply Superfast, and urged anyone with questions to contact him direct for more details.

Shown below are four photographs supplied by the Vettec company which demonstrate the ease of application in the Superfast process. Other photos, showing Superfast being applied to the hooves of Count Pompeii, are further below.

apply.JPG (5599 bytes)


set.JPG (4896 bytes)


rasp.JPG (5238 bytes)


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Long Rider Comment

We are extremely sorry to report that even though testing Superfast was one of the top priorities of this special equipment issue, this all important test was not possible because of inclement weather. Having received the material in the mail from a local supplier, we made an appointment with a local farrier. Sadly, though the blue sky in the background of the photos below do not reflect it, the temperature that day was well below freezing. There was a savage wind blowing. And we, the farrier, and Count Pompeii were all in danger of turning blue from the cold. To add to our concerns, the ground was covered with ice and snow, which provides unsure footing at the best of times. Shaking in our boots, or in Pompeii's case in his hooves, we decided to stop the experiment until the weather warmed.

Meanwhile, Long Rider Steve McCutcheon has reported great success with Superfast!  Click here to read his comments.

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