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Harry and Lisa Adshead are riding from their home in Wales to Jordan - and back!



May 2005


The Long Riders' Guild has received another interesting email from Harry and Lisa. 


"Just after my last message to you, sent from Greece on 8th March, we did finally manage to make it into Turkey and it has been well worth the effort.  We've had a fantastic month's riding: across the plains from the Greek border at Ipsala, down the Gallipoli Peninsula to the end of Europe and a short ferry ride across the Dardanelles to Çanakkale and the start of another continent.  Canakkale was full of Turks celebrating the 90th anniversary of their defeat of the British Navy here in the first world war.  We rode on to Troy and then down the coast to another ancient city at Assos, the horses going really well, enjoying the spring grass again. 
Just before Assos, we had a nasty scare when Sealeah went badly lame. Lisa dug around in her (Sealeah's) foot to find that something very sharp had penetrated frighteningly deep.  A millimetre or two further and she would have been in serious trouble, probably needing treatment/equipment that we couldn't get access to here.  It was one of those moments when you think hard about all the risks involved.    Anyway, luck was on our side again, an Asia Minor Catastrophe was avoided and, thanks to Lisa's treatment, Sealeah rapidly recovered.
We left the coast soon after Assos and headed east into the mountains, going via the ancient cities of Pergammon and Sardes for a bit of added historical interest.  It's been fantastic scenery but very slow progress across the map due to the terrain.  The Turks have been incredibly friendly, interested and hospitable but there's not a lot of good horse food about in the mountain villages (sometimes only straw) and the horses have done better at night when we've camped away from a village on a patch of good grass.  We can carry enough barley or oats for three or four nights and this has been enough time for the ranges we've crossed so far.  We're now at Hieropolis/Pamukkale, having a couple of days rest (and much needed bathing in thermal pool!) before heading east again into Central Anatolia. 
All the best,


July 2005 - There has been a tragedy.  Please click here.


 29th July 2005


Despite the tragedy, Harry and Lisa decided eventually to continue their journey.  They are now in Damascus.


"We are down to very little equipment - no tent, sleeping bags, stove etc just the vet and farrier kit.  I am riding Hannah with 'normal' saddle bags
I still miss Audin all the time.
The people of Syria are friendly, polite and helpful beyond description ....... a real inspiration to us."


Audin's name has been added to the Horse Memorial page.


12th September 2005


Success!  The following email has just arrived from Harry and Lisa:

"We made it!  Reached a beach on the Indian Ocean near Aqaba, Jordan on 6th September 2005.  The four of us went in for a paddle - too much coral for a swim - wishing Audin could have been there too.  
12 countries, 510 days and 5870 miles (9450km) - it's the only way to travel! 
Now starting three month quarantine period required by the EU (for the horses) but we'll all be home by Christmas.  Found a great place to stay in the desert mountains of Wadi Rum, about 40 miles east of Aqaba. 
THANK YOU ! for your help, support, food, water, shelter...

Lisa and Harry

Congratulations to the entire team on completing a remarkable journey.

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Lisa has been elected as Veterinary Advisor for the Trec section of the British Horse Society


Harry and Lisa have a website:

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