The Long Riders' Guild

Riding and Driving Programs for the Disabled

The Long Riders' Guild is proud to announce its support for the various riding and driving programs for the disabled around the world. 

A number of Long Riders have succeeded despite even more tremendous odds than those faced by most of us.  They include: 

Arthur MacMorrough Kavanagh - Although he was born with no limbs in 1831, Kavanagh and his brother rode to India via Denmark, Norway and Sweden and Russia. They sailed down the Volga into Circassia and rode on towards Persia. The unemployed, and limbless, Arthur Kavanagh then obtained employment as an official government dispatch rider!  Kavanagh went on to become a Member of Parliament.  For more information about this truly remarkable Long Rider, please click here
Jose Hernandez - though legally blind, Jose rode from California to Washington.
Eleanor Carton-Black - who, though deaf since birth, rode across the United States with the aid of a special "hearing dog."  
Steven O'Connor - who
rode from Seville, Spain to Penzance, England in spite of suffering from Bipolar disease.



Federation of Riding for the Disabled

"The Federation Riding for the Disabled International was founded in 1980 to form worldwide links between countries and centers offering therapeutic riding and driving, and to assist in the development of programs in new areas of the world."

Riding for the Disabled Association

"RDA is dedicated to ensuring that all our riders and carriage drivers receive a high standard of professional tuition tailored to their personal ambitions and capabilities.   Our instructors work closely with physiotherapists and other health professionals to encourage every individual to aim for attainable goals – some modest, others far more ambitious."

Riding for the Disabled Association - Ireland
"We are a national voluntary organisation which provides the opportunity of recreational and therapeutic riding and carriage driving to any person, mentally or physically disabled who meet our medical criteria, and who might benefit in their general health and happiness."


"L’équitation procure aux personnes handicapées, un exercice de plein air, une expérience agréable, et même dans certains cas une excellente thérapie.

Avec l’aide d’éducateurs spécialisés, de moniteurs professionnels et de chevaux dressés à cet effet, les activités équestres sont l’occasion de faire reculer les frontières de l’univers des handicapés. L’utilisation thérapeutique des chevaux, des ânes, des poneys, s’est largement répandue dans les dernières années.

Selon Handi-cheval national, elle concernerait aujourd’hui en France près de 100.000 personnes atteintes d’un handicap physique, psychique ou mental."

North America
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA)

"NARHA is a national non-profit organization that promotes the benefit of the horse for individuals with physical, emotional and learning disabilities. 

For individuals with disabilities, equine-assisted activities have been shown to improve muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, motor development as well as emotional well-being. And it's fun!

Pacific Riding for the Disabled
"Pacific Riding for the Disabled Association (Canada) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with a wide range of disabilities. PRDA is recognized as a leader in providing therapeutic equestrian activities and educational oppor­tunities in an environment that is safe, fun and effective."


New Zealand

New Zealand Riding for the Disabled
“Confidence, independence and well being for people with disabilities through therapeutic horse riding and horse care”.



Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia

"Riding for the Disabled Association is a voluntary, not for profit, organisation which provides riding instruction and other activities associated with riding and harness driving for people with disabilities.

RDA provides opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy a safe, stimulating, healthy, therapeutic and recreational sport."



Riding for the Disabled Association, Singapore
"The official Riding for the Disabled Association of Singapore. Read about the free therapeutic horse-riding we offer to the disabled in Singapore and do contact us if you have any enquiries. RDA is registered under the Charities Act, 1982."