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The Road Horse serves as the symbolic bridge between nature and the Long Rider. Though he doesn’t ignite the desire in our souls, the Road Horse is the messenger of movement that introduces us to intense personal change. Thus, because a Long Rider's relationship with the Road Horse is sacramental, not sacrificial, these are the special views recorded by various equestrian travellers.

If you are a Long Rider with a similar memorable image, please feel free to submit your version of a “Long Rider’s View of the World,” for this growing collection.

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German Long Rider Wilhelm Filchner travelled from Baku to the Pamir Mountains in 1902

English Long Rider Edward Stebbing rode through England and Scotland in 1936.

English Long Rider Richard Barnes and his gelding, Remus, journeyed to all four corners of Great Britain in 1977

American Long Rider Ron Villareale arrives on the Pacific Coast on his mare, Thunder, after his ride across the USA in 1985.

American Long Riders Walter Nelson and Douglas Preston followed in Coronado's hoofprints in 1989.

Welsh Long Rider Jeremy James and his gelding, Sir Karo, travelled from Bulgaria to Berlin in 1990.

French Long Rider Anne-Marie Colombaro and her gelding, Skirl, travelled from Berlin to Paris in 1993

English Long Rider Julian Ross and his gelding, Neagu, travelled across Transylvania in 1994.

European Long Rider Basha O'Reilly and her stallion, Count Pompeii, rode from Russia to England in 1995

Italian Long Rider Simone Carmigniani rode his gelding, Raindrop, across the Ghizer Valley and Northern Pakistan in 2002.

German Long Rider Barbara Kohmann and her horse travelled across the swamps of Central America in 2003

Italian Long Riders Antoinetta Spizzo and her husband Dario Masarotti rode to Russia in 2003.

North American Long Rider Mark Skinner travelled across Ireland in 2004.

Irish equestrian traveller Caitriona Oleary and her Mariwari mare, Rani, rode across Pushkar, India, in 2005.

Australian Long Rider Tim Cope riding across the Steppes of Kalmikia in 2005

Swiss Long Rider André Fischer and his gelding, Corazon, consider the Andes mountains waiting up ahead in 2006

Dutch Long Rider Klarien Klinger rode from Portugal to France in 2006.

Austrian Long Rider Margit Rumpl and her stallion, Gallipolis, travelled from Austria to Spain in 2006.

Irish Long Rider Hugh MacDermott and his gelding, Pancho, travelled across the Andes in Chile in 2006.

Swiss Long Rider Jessica Bigler and her gelding, Gitan, rode from Switzerland to England and back in 2007.

French Long Rider Thierry Posty found these sea-shells while riding through Japan in 2007.

French Long Rider Nicolas Ducret and his geldings, Tsigane and Musician of the Steppes, journeyed from Kazakhstan to Kabul in 2007

French Long Rider Louis Meunier rides through Kabul, Afghanistan in 2007

North American Long Rider Ed Anderson and Primo during their journey up the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

American Long Riders Jeannette and Richard McGrath rode “ocean to ocean” across the United States in 2011.

North American Long Rider Colleen Hamer's horse looks at ox-drawn wagon at Scottsbluff Monument in Nebraska in 2011

English Long Rider Elizabeth Hill riding along Britain's Pennine Way, 2011

North American Long Rider Tom Fairbank and Rio explored the Bob Marshall Wilderness in 2011

North American Long Rider Orion Kraus and Azueta rode through Guatemala in 2012

North American Long Rider Sea G Rhydr rode ocean to ocean across the United States in 2013.

During her ride from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013, Alina Grace Dudding and her horse Valentino had to make their way along that part of the trail known as “The Knife’s Edge.”


Katie Cooper rode her mule, Sir Walter, from Mississippi to Arizona in 2013. Katie’s oil on canvas painting, entitled “Ending, Beginning,” was displayed in Tucson after completing the journey.

Gillian Larson and her horse Shyla study the Anza Borrego Desert which lay in wait for them during their journey along the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014.


After travelling 16,000 kilometres during a two year journey that began in Calgary, Canada, Filipe Leite’s horse, Bruiser, finally sees the Long Rider’s family home in
Espírito Santo do Pinhal, Brazil in 2014.

In 2014, during the first modern equestrian journey across Japan, Kohei Yamakawa rode his horse, Road Snow, through the Hakkoda Mountains.
In January 1902, 200 Japanese soldiers became lost in these mountains. Because of the bad weather and their poor equipment only 16 soldiers survived

English Long Rider Marc Noonan and his horse Red rode through the Valley of the Volcanoes in Ecuador’s Cotopaxi National Park in 2015.


In 2015 Long Rider Dalibor Balut made the first modern equestrian journey through all of the Czech Republic. His journey took him along the route ridden by Jan Žižka, a national hero.  Dalibor’s mare, Sheila, is seen looking at Sudoměř, the site of a battle which Žižka won in 1420.

Kimberley Delavere and her horse, Clem, travelled along Australia’s Bicentennial National Trail in 2016.


During his 2016 journey through Brazil, Paulo Junqueira Arantes and his horse Garantido arrived at Paraty, which is set amid a backdrop of jungle-covered mountains which surround a bay.

While riding through the Andes Mountains in Patagonia in 2016, Roland Berg’s horse,
Söckchen, travelled across the crater of the Achen Niyeu volcano.

In 2017 Christina Puszkar became the first Long Rider to journey along the newly created
Greater Patagonian Trail. Her horse, Fiestero, is seen in the Andes Mountains in Chile.

Trent Peterson rode his mustang Gary the length of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018.

In 2019 Sarah Murphy rode her horse Rob Roy over High Bridge, which played a pivotal role in General Robert E. Lee’s retreat in the final days of the American Civil War.

During a journey across Albania in 2019, Quentin Boehm and his horse Johnny were forced to travel through a series of tunnels.

Stef Gebbie’s horse, Micky, seen during their ride east to west across the Australian Continent in 2019

In 2019 Karen Considine set out to explore Spain. Her mare, Bruma, stares ahead at the plain of Granada.

After Marcos Villamil began a journey across Argentina in 2020, he and his horse Mora reached Espigas.


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