The Long Riders' Guild

Articles in France's beautiful and artistic magazine, Equus


The caption to the photograph of the Long Riders in London, which illustrates an article about equestrian travel, reads: "It seems paradoxical to have chosen a gathering of pedestrians to illustrate this praise of equestrian travel.  But in this case it concerns the largest assembly of Long Riders ever!  They journeyed to London (without their horses) from the four points of the compass, invited by Basha (crouching, on the right) and CuChullaine O'Reilly (standing, extreme left), founders of The Long Riders' Guild, the largest organisation in the world of its type.  These 29 equestrian travellers have all undertaken one or more extraordinary journeys on horseback. The photo was taken on 15th March 2005 in front of the entrance to the famous Royal Geographical Society, whose library, although of great repute, was lacking tales of equestrian journeys.  The Long Riders Guild had the happy idea of "reprinting" fifty such books [actually there are more than a hundred!], and the generosity to present them to the venerable institution, in the presence of the happy cavaliers photographed here."  Click on either picture to enlarge it.

And in the same edition of Equus - Les Chevaux is an article by Long Riders Laurent Granier, Philippe Lansac and Megan Son.  Click on any of the images below to enlarge.

Click on any of the pages below to read an excellent article about Philippe Meyrier and his superb paintings of Long Riders.  The article also mentions the presentation of The Long Riders Literary Project to the Royal Geographical Society in London in March 2005.

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