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European Tour - January 2001

At the beginning of 2001, CuChullaine and Basha O'Reilly, founding members of The Long Riders' Guild, were the first equestrian scholars to travel through Europe for the specific purpose of searching out tribal elders of the equestrian travel community. They met and interviewed fourteen Long Riders from six countries, including Jean-Louis Gouraud, Adnan Azzam, Stéphane Bigo, and Gérard Barré.

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Elizabeth Barrett, who travelled a thousand miles around England, with her horse Cameron.

Stéphane and Véronique Bigo (left) with CuChullaine and Basha in Marseille. Stéphane has ridden more than 20,000 miles all over the world.

Gérard Barré, who has travelled more than 15,000 km around the Alps since 1985, with Riquita and Gitane in Savoie. and
Hans-Juergen Gottet with the Arab stallion and mare which he and his wife Claudia rode from Saudi Arabia to the Alps.
Robin Hanbury-Tenison with Tibert and Tiki, the Camargue horses he and his wife Louella rode from the Mediterranean to England.
James Greenwood, who rode in various parts of the world, with the Arab stallion he rode from Persia to England.
Jean-Louis Gouraud (left), who rode from Paris to Moscow in 33 days, with Adnan Azzan who rode from Granada to Mecca, and also travelled several thousand miles in the United States.
Jeremy James, who rode from Transylvania to Wales, on his Criollo gelding Gonzales. 

John Labouchere, who rode more than 5,000 miles in South America.

CuChullaine O'Reilly in Paris, outside the office of Emeric Fisset (right) the owner/editor of Transboreal Publications and Friend of The Long Riders'

Günter Wamser, who rode from Tierra del Fuego to Ecuador to Alaska.

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