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What is it, a durable Floor Mat or an amazing Saddle Pad ?


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According to 3M it’s a “open area matting made from vinyl filaments… designed to provide an antislip walking surface….suitable for sports centers, hotels and hospitals.”

3M wet area matting description link.

According to Dixon Smith, the Australian equestrian supplier, it’s a “best selling new product…a saddle protector pad imported from the USA”

Dixon Smith advertisement link.

According to 3M it’s a “wet area matting recommended for use in locker rooms and showers.”

Link to 3M locker room advertisement.

According to the Dixie Midnight company, headquartered in Florida, it’s a “no sweat vent pad… as soft and comfortable as an old flannel shirt” which is being sold to horse owners across America.

Dixie Midnight advertisement link.

According to 3M it’s a “safety walk matting designed for shoe traffic in wet areas” and is being marketed to hotels.

Safety Walk Matting advertisement link.

According to the Cool Breeze company in Southampton it’s a “saddle pad ideal for all disciplines” and is being sold to horse owners across England.

Cool Breeze advertisement link.


So ultimately what is it?

A Floor Mat or a Saddle Pad?


Let’s ask the 3M scientists who invented the product in question.


According to the 3M Corporation’s Technical Data on Safety-Walk Wet Area the product is a porous matting made from vinyl filaments. The mat is designed as a cushion for bare feet in wet areas. Authorized applications include saunas and locker rooms. It is not recommended in kitchens or greasy, oily areas. There is no mention of any equestrian application listed.

Link to PDF product description page

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