The Long Riders' Guild

Missing in Action - page 2

Gier Petterson - Rode across the United States in 1994.  FOUND!
Len Brown and Lisa Stewart - Rode more than 3,000 miles in North America in the early 1980s.  FOUND!
Pierre Peysson - Rode across the United States in 1977.
Maurizio and Simona Cavallari - Rode more than 5,000 kilometers along Australia's  Bicentennial National Trail in 1998. 
Marc Kempf - Rode across Canada and the USA, starting in 1989.  FOUND!
John Charteris - Rode from Ranfurly to North Cape, Australia, starting in 1986.
Thierry Posty - Rode across North America in the late 1980s. FOUND!
Robin Heath - Was planning to ride across both islands of New Zealand in 1961.  No record of his completed trip exists.
Toby Green - Retraced Charles Darwin's route on horseback around South America in 1999.  FOUND!
Robert Lamb - Rode around England.  Author of "Boot, Saddle, To Horse and Away."
Jack Bailey and Paul Grace - Were planning to ride around the world starting in 1974.  No record of their completed trip exists.
Dennis Botterill - Rode from Esperance to Darwin in Australia, starting in 1972.  FOUND!
Sienna Craig - Rode across the Himalayan Kingdom of Mustang in 1998.
Sir John Ure - Rode across the Andes in the 1970s.  FOUND!
Marc-Antoine Calonne - Rode across Patagonia in 1998.
Russ Chisholm - Rode the length of the Chisholm Trail in 1992
Claudio Crespo - Departed in 2000 riding south from Brazil to Patagonia, and from there turned north to Alaska.  FOUND!
Ray Sims - Rode across the USA from New York to California in 1982.  FOUND!
Bob Orrell - Made several journeys throughout Great Britain in the 1970s and 1980s.  FOUND