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2018 – News!

Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration Published

The three-volume Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration is the most extensive study of equestrian travel ever created.

Robin Hanbury-Tenison is a Founding Member of the Guild and a gold medal-winning Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. In the Preface, Robin declared, “In these magnificent volumes all the great equestrian experiences throughout history are recorded and, above all, the love that can exist between humans and horses is revealed.”

Noted equestrian author and Founding Member of the Guild Jeremy James stated in the Foreword, “I believe CuChullaine O’Reilly has written the most astounding book in equestrian historical literature. It’s a staggering achievement.”

The first and second sets of the Encyclopaedia were presented to Great Britain’s reigning monarch, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and to the future king, His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, both of whom exerted a profound influence on the creation of the books.

“CuChullaine O’Reilly is unquestionably the most gifted equestrian writer of the 21st century. Except for his abbreviated version – The Horse Travel Handbook, there has never been a guide written that is in any way comparable to this unusual tour de force.  Canadian Long Rider Bonnie Folkins

“The Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration was authored by CuChullaine O’Reilly, the foremost expert, scholar and gentleman of horse back travel and exploration. It represents a vast collection of wisdom brought together for the first time.”New Zealand Long Rider Ian Robinson

“CuChullaine O’Reilly is the lore-master of the Long Riders’ tribe. After decades of amazing research, his wonderfully written Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration represents a literary landmark in the study of horse travel.” Russian Long Rider Vladimir Fissenko

“The Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration is not about one nation. It represents the collective wisdom of humanity’s travel on horseback. This is a book of marvels that includes precious stories, valuable ideas, forgotten history and endangered practical knowledge.” Lithuanian Long Rider Gintaras Kaltenis

“No one has written about equestrian travel as CuChullaine O’Reilly has. The author misses nothing. His breadth of knowledge is astonishing. I was amazed at the skill of the writing. This book is not only vital to equestrian travellers, it is essential to our human history.” American Long Rider Lucy Leaf

England’s most prestigious magazine, Country Life, reviews the Encyclopaedia, describing it as “The greatest horse rides ever, as chronicled in a unique treasury of horse and human wisdom.”














Extraordinary Equestrian Explorer Honoured

Legendary Long Rider Robin Hanbury-Tenison has been designated a Living Treasure by the Long Riders’ Guild. READ MORE

International Alliance to promote equestrian travel in Russia

The world is enduring very negative events. Yet a remarkable demonstration of equestrian friendship acts as an antidote to today’s political poison. The Long Riders’ Guild has teamed up with NETO, Russia’s official national equestrian tourism authority, to encourage horse travel in that country. READ MORE….


The World’s “Most Wanted” Long Rider has been found! 

With Members in 46 countries, every important equestrian explorer in the world was listed as a Member of the Guild - except for the legendary Jing Li! The Long Riders Guild conducted a nine year search for the extraordinary traveller who rode alone across Russia, crossed Siberia, journeyed the length of China’s Great Wall, and is now riding towards the Arctic Circle. Thanks to the assistance of NETO, Jing Li has been located and is the newest Member of the Guild. READ MORE….


Long Riders’ Guild Academic Foundation

Horses and Religion - The Equine Connection

From ancient Scythians to modern Scientologists the horse has influenced religious events for 12,000 years.  Ranging from Africa to Zoroaster, this study explains how divinities, messiahs, prophets, priests, pharaohs and peasants all shared one common thread throughout the flow of time – their uninterrupted love of the horse.  READ MORE...

Deadly Equines is a revolutionary departure from equestrian romance.  Neil Clarkson, the publisher of the Horse Talk international equestrian news service, stated, CuChullaine O'Reilly controversially suggests that many modern-day horse lovers have a sanitised view of the horse and suggests past generations may well have had a better understanding of their nature.” Radio host Tim Binnall agreed. During a special live interview, he stated, “We welcome back one of the most talked-about guests ever featured on the program: CuChullaine O'Reilly, for an update on his mind-bending research into the sinister side of horses, including new cases involving attacks on children.”

Japanese Horse History - Few foreign journalists have studied and written about Japan for as long as 97-year-old Ed Moreno. A life-long fascination with Japanese history, art and culture has inspired the American journalist to write extensively about the island nation for decades. Then in 2014, to mark The Year of the Horse, Ed undertook an extensive investigation into Japan’s horse history. This remarkable study begins with the story of how horses influenced the Shinto religion, goes on to recount the incredible tale of Japan’s legendary Long Rider, explains how Emperor Hirohito’s white stallion was part of an elaborate political deception perpetrated by the occupying American army, and concludes with the story of how the largest tsunami in history couldn’t prevent local riders from participating in a traditional samurai equestrian festival. Ed’s heavily illustrated article marks an essential contribution to the annals of equestrian history. (PDF)

Stories from the Road

Alone Across Australia - Newspapers around the world have reported on the activities of sexual predators in Hollywood. But as Australian Long Rider Kimberley Delavere discovered, sexual misconduct is not restricted to the cities. After riding 5,000 kilometres alone across Australia, Kimberley was nearing the end of her historic journey – when she became the victim of an unexpected sexual assault. In a remarkable story Kimberley issues a defiant message of courage which marks a pivotal moment in modern equestrian travel history.

Ask Plenty of Yourself - During a Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Pope Francis warned “Some stars may be bright, but do not point the way.” His Holiness urged people not to be led astray by an addiction to “success, money, career, honours and pleasures.” American Long Rider Trent Peterson heeded that message by following a different constellation. With Orion showing him the way north, Trent made his way along the Pacific Crest Trail. In a moving story about self-discovery, Trent explains how his equestrian journey helped him to understand loss, love and life.

Choosing the Right Horse - After completing a journey from Scotland to Cornwall in 2017, Cathleen Leonard contacted the Guild and shared a vital observation. Her current journey had been successful. Her previous trip had ended prematurely. The English Long Rider was in no doubt as to what had happened. The reason was simple. Cathleen’s horses, Taliesin (left) and Oisín (right) had reacted very differently to the challenge of travelling without an equine companion. This unique article explains the critical importance of selecting the right equine companion.

How to Ride in Western Mongolia - The Guild’s exceptional series of “How to Ride …” articles continue with a significant contribution by Tamar val Kenier. After concluding a journey through Mongolia’s Altai Mountains, the Dutch equestrian traveller crafted an extensive report which contains essential information regarding horse prices, weather conditions, cultural practices, budget for the trip, etc.

The Guild welcomes its New Members

Tina Boche – rode from Greece to Germany.

Andrea Kukalova and Milan Rousek – rode across the Czech Republic, Germany, France and Spain.
Cathleen Leonard – rode from Durness, the most north-westerly town in Scotland, to Cornwall.
Trent Peterson – rode through California, Oregon and Washington along the Pacific Crest Trail.
Stevie Anna Plummer – completed a solo journey across Patagonia and Argentina.
Julie Veloo - rode across the Mongolian steppe and the Gobi Desert.


“I discovered the Long Riders Guild when I was a young teenager, not only dreaming of owning a horse one day but of exploring the world on it. For years I read with avid interest about Long Riders and their incredible achievements. I was continually inspired by them and encouraged by their adventures to believe that my dreams of horseback travel could become a reality. After being inspired by Long Riders, it is a real honour to now be a part of the Guild!” Read more….
English Long Rider Cathleen Leonard rode from Scotland to Cornwall

“The Long Riders Guild provides an incredible international network of like minded riders from around the world. These riders are united by their love of the horse, the spirit of freedom and a borderless friendship. The generous support I received from the Guild, CuChullaine O'Reilly and Long Riders from Great Britain, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany and Mongolia was beyond comparison and turned my journey in Mongolia into an unforgettable and intercultural experience.”
Susanne Rode of Germany travelled through the Altai Mountains of Mongolia

The Horse Travel Handbook

Reviews praising The Horse Travel Handbook continue to arrive from readers world-wide.

A book that can change your life!  If I had this information 50 years ago it would have helped me make life changing decisions. Make plans when you are young. Sit down with your partner and draw a life map. I’m not saying jump on a horse and ride around the world, but do your adventures when you are young. I started kayaking at 70 years of age, but then terminal cancer altered any future plans. This book has a tremendous amount of info for persons of any age. Follow your heart or your mind will know no peace! 
Jeri Gauthier

No-nonsense wisdom — surely the most valuable book a would be equestrian traveller will ever read
I came to read this book as an almost lifelong rider with many years of horse training experience and two long rides completed together with my horse, two ponies and dog. Yet, I have found, there is still so much more knowledge I did not have. READ MORE....

English Long Rider Elizabeth Hill Davies

A Really Helpful Guide - I now keep the Handbook with me during my rides because this book is a really helpful guide. For example, it explains the importance of placing a bell on your horse. During my Long Ride in 2016 along Brazil’s Estrada Real I had a problem. One night my horse slipped in a ravine and fell into a river, where he remained trapped until we found him the next morning. If my horse had being wearing a bell, we would have realised the problem then rescued him much sooner.
Brazilian Long Rider Paulo Junqueira Arantes has made equestrian journeys in Europe and the Americas.

A Definite First Read for Long Riders - I read this book as a preparation to my long ride in western Mongolia and I learned so much! Though Mongolia is a very specific destination, and people there like to do things their own way, the Handbook gave me lots of advice and ideas. Most importantly, it enabled me to make up my own mind about what would be best for my horses in all sorts of situations. Plus it provides stories from different times, gathered from all over the world, and combined in one book. This gives the reader such a broad and elaborate insight into equestrian travel. It recounts the trouble people have faced in the past and explains the ways they solved those problems. It also provides valuable advice for would-be horse travellers. For my trip I needed detailed and specified information. That is why the Handbook served as my Bible. It was easy to take with me on the journey and I recommended it to any would-be Long Riders as a definite first read. Thank you, CuChullaine, for putting in all the effort to get such a valuable book out there for the world to enjoy.
Tamar val Kenier from the Netherlands rode across the Altai Mountains of Mongolia.

Share this valuable knowledge - I have spent the greater part of my life in the backcountry traveling with horses and packing mules. My knowledge has been passed down over the years by men and women that are wiser and have a greater knowledge of this art. They are people that understand the value of living history. As Long Riders and Mule Packers, we believed the custom that until now, you had to find someone that would teach you theses skills first hand. That belief was based on the fact that until the publication of the Horse Travel Handbook there hasn't been anything of value that you could pick up to start your journey as a Long Rider. The dedication CuChullaine O’Reilly has given to this community is paramount and it shows in this Handbook. I can't recommend it enough to anyone that is looking to begin their journey, especially for those that are already on it. Buy this book, keep it close, and refer to it often. Knowledge is shared, not kept.
American Long Rider Trent Peterson rode the length of the Pacific Crest Trail.

A great treasure of equestrian knowledge and experience compressed to fit in a saddlebag - The Horse Travel Handbook is so much more than just a guide. It covers all the facets of an equestrian journey. Besides the innumerable tips and suggestions it provides about the technical part of travelling with horses (such as the preparation, equipment, packing, paperwork, etc.), the books also provides insights regarding the emotional and personal challenges on the road, off the road and on the riders' own paths - before, during and after travelling. The content fitted into this small handbook is huge and in my eyes the value for someone who is about to set off on an equestrian journey is enormous. The reader/rider will benefit from the experience of the author and many other Long Riders. The passion, enthusiasm and dedication for the horse and horse travelling can be felt on every page of the book.
Susanne Rode of Germany travelled across Mongolia.

A Valuable Resource - In the Horse Travel Handbook, CuChullaine O’Reilly has gathered information valuable to the traveler who chooses to go by horse. This knowledge comes from both the author’s own experiences and many other Long Riders who have journeyed across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas. This information is presented succinctly. Sources are mainly contemporary with some historical wisdom that is still relevant. The Handbook is not a sentimental reflection based on the past. It is about how to travel by horse in today's world, The Handbook encourages real adventure and emphasizes care of the horse. In addition, it is a valuable resource for any local library.
Karen Selle is preparing to ride across western Canada.

This book can save your horse's life - The Horse Travel Handbook was of great importance whilst preparing for my long ride through Sweden. I studied it carefully and although I have owned horses all my life, there was a lot of new information in this very detailed book. When we were actually riding in Sweden I accidentally got into a swamp and because of the Handbook I recognized it just in time and knew what to do to save my horse. In addition to the comprehensive practical information, attention is also paid to the emotional impact of going on a long ride and what you have to overcome. This is a must read for every (want to be) Long Rider.
Carolien Staal of The Netherlands travelled in Sweden.

Provides Answers to Modern Problems - The Horse Travel Handbook is invaluable for anyone looking to make a journey on horseback. The book shares an enormous amount of knowledge about the intricacies involved in horse travel. Subjects ranging from horse health, dealing with bureaucracy, shoeing, panniers and packing are all covered in detail. In addition, the Handbook provides excellent advice on what to look for when purchasing a horse in a foreign country and how to navigate difficult situations unique to travelling by horseback. Dealing with traffic is explored in great detail, as this is a particularly dangerous element that all would be Long Riders need to take into consideration. Throughout the Handbook, the emphasis is always on the health and safety of the horse, with ethical horsemanship as paramount. Overall, the Horse Travel Handbook is invaluable to anyone preparing for a horseback journey and I recommend it highly.
Nicola Watson is preparing to ride across Rajasthan.

Tschiffely’s Ride

Legendary Long Rider and his horses honoured - In April 1925 a young school teacher named Aimé Tschiffely prepared to depart on an equestrian journey designed to take him from Buenos Aires to New York. This rare photo, (courtesy of The Tschiffely Literary Estate), shows the would-be Long Rider riding Gato. Carrying the pack saddle is Mancha, the other Criollo gelding that made the 10,000 mile journey. The horses soon changed jobs but the story of how the “three friends” crossed the Americas continues to enchant and inspire people. History Revealed magazine recently included Tschiffely’s Ride among its Great Adventures series. And Alto Río Senguer held its annual Provincial Party  in honour of the Criollos. Both horses had originally belonged to the Indian Chief Liempichun, who resided near the modern town in Chubut Province, Argentina.

LRG News

Long Rider’s Journey Inspires Documentary – In the company of his beloved mare, Sheila, Czech Long Rider Dalibor Balut completed his third journey, which took him 900 miles through Austrian, Hungary and the Slovak Republic. In an interview with the Czech press, the veteran equestrian traveller explained that he wanted to mark the twenty-five anniversary since the peaceful dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Throughout the trip Dalibor met people who all shared “hospitality and an open heart.” A talented film maker, the Czech Long Rider has released a documentary about the journey.

1000 Horse Riders Protest Against Bad Drivers – The world’s largest simultaneous horse ride was organized to protest against dangerous drivers. A new survey shows 66 percent of horse riders in New Zealand have had a near miss with a car or truck, and 71 percent say they no longer feel safe on the roads. The Ride for Road Safety event was organized after journalist Karen Rutherford was hospitalised when a car hit her horse at 80km/h. The horse, named Curious George, had to be put down. Drivers need to pass quietly, slowly and with a 2-metre berth - something not enough people seemed to realise, organisers said. Campaigners said more than half of those taking part had experienced a near-miss and others had been hit by vehicles on roads they had to ride on to get to their paddocks.

Australia bans Chinese horses and restricts entry of New Zealand horses. According to a news report, the Australian government has prohibited horses from Hong Kong to be imported. Horses coming to Australia from New Zealand which originated in Hong Kong require a quarantine of 180 days.

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