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Lesotho to Kenya

Ria Bosman, a young South African nurse, teamed up with Gordon Naysmith, a Scottish pentathlon athlete, to ride from the tip of South Africa to the Olympics Games being held in Munich, Germany.


The couple set off on November 2, 1970 from Maseru, Lesotho. Their destination, Munich, Germany, was 20,000 kilometres (14,000 miles) away. This image shows Ria crossing a river in Rhodesia.
The ride across Africa was so gruelling that Ria nearly died. Her part of the astonishing story was recalled in a special Story from the Road.
After Riaís health failed, Gordon rode on alone across the Arabian Desert and through Europe. His Basuto horses, Norton and Essex, completed the journey. Their incredible travels were preserved in Gordonís book, The Will to Win.

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