The Long Riders' Guild

To Save a Country

One of the most incredible equestrian journeys had its beginning when Scottish Long Rider George Patterson went to Tibet in 1946 to work as a volunteer medical officer.

In January, 1950 word reached Tibet that the Chinese Communist army was preparing to invade and conquer George's adopted homeland. Winter had set in and all the traditional passes were closed. There was only one option and it entailed crossing the Himalayas, during the height of winter, over a pass that no one had ever attempted. The mission was tantamount to suicide. But if George had one thing on his side, it was unwavering faith that God had sent him to Tibet for a purpose. With that conviction lodged firmly in his heart, he saddled up his horse, "who was built like a song and moved like a melody", then set off into a winter wasteland.

In his book, Journey with Loshay, George recalled how he chose a 300-mile route to Sadiyah, in northern Assam, which hardly anyone had completed before.

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