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Australia & the Pacific 

In 2013 Pete Langford (above) carried the Long Riders’ Guild flag during his ride across the length of that island nation. As he rode through that diverse country his philosophy was, “Expect nothing. Appreciate everything.” Upon completing his journey, Pete Langford urged the public, “Take action and make it happen. Life’s too short for unfulfilled wishes.”

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Alone Across Australia - Newspapers around the world have reported on the activities of sexual predators in Hollywood. But as Australian Long Rider Kimberley Delavere discovered, sexual misconduct is not restricted to the cities. After riding 5,000 kilometres alone across Australia, Kimberley was nearing the end of her historic journey – when she became the victim of an unexpected sexual assault. In a remarkable story Kimberley issues a defiant message of courage which marks a pivotal moment in modern equestrian travel history.

Along the Tasmanian Trail

In 2006 Julie Broome and her daughters Georgie (aged 14) and Bronte (aged 11) completed a ride along the Tasmanian Trail. 


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