The Long Riders' Guild

Neil Clarkson

CuChullaine O'Reilly brings together the wisdom of an accomplished Long Rider, a passion for good journalism and a keen sense of history to deliver some quite remarkable pieces of writing. CuChullaine has applied his skills to delve into equestrian history and deliver insights into a world which is largely foreign to the horse owners of today. It is easy to forget, in the age of the motor car and burgeoning technology, that horses were so central to the lives of generations past. It was CuChullaine's research that cast fresh light on the role of ponies in polar exploration; he told, with great flair, the harrowing tale of how the American west was nearly completely stripped of horses for dog food; how the Great Epizootic brought US industry to a standstill; how performance drugs first infected British racing; and the eye-opening tale of deadly meat-eating equines. His research is impeccable, his ability to provide it to readers in a compelling way is unsurpassed. We can learn much from the lessons of the past, and CuChullaine should be celebrated for his ability to bring this equestrian history to life. His equestrian journalism runs alongside his work as a Founder of the Long Riders' Guild. His efforts have been instrumental in helping hundreds of equestrian travellers responsibly and safely undertake great horseback journeys. The equestrian world is undoubtedly a richer place thanks to CuChullaine's endeavours.

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