The Long Riders' Guild

Tim Cope

Having collated invaluable advice about equestrian travel from all corners of the globe it allowed me to intelligently plan and anticipate the long haul ahead. What’s more, CuChullaine and Basha had reprinted in excess of 100 equestrian travel books, (many of which had been long out of print - ). They make perfect background reading for inspiration, practical, and historical information. Quite simply, I wouldn't be where I am now without the Guild, and I believe that the ethos of equestrian explorers helps to keep a sense of fresh adventure in society. They also keep an eye on the equestrian world, exposing phoney adventurer claims, bad equestrian travel equipment, and have their finger on the pulse of all that happens in the genuine adventure travel society. What’s more, they do not accept any advertising money, and so all advice is 100 percent independent. Basha and CuChullaine, I cannot repay you for your immeasurable moral and logistical support. May your forthcoming equestrian World Ride be a lucky one!”

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