The Long Riders' Guild

Christina Dodwell


"I take this opportunity to congratulate Basha and CuChullaine O’Reilly for their integrity and hard work during the past many years. Their collaborative approach has created something special, in setting up the Long Riders Guild, which now has Members in more than 40 countries, and creating the Long Riders website with its extraordinary archives documenting the entire history of equestrian travel. They have accomplished all this with close scrutiny checking both the authenticity of claims and the horse-care of the riders, expelling from the organisation any riders who are found to be frauds or who were known to be cruel to their horses - including one who reached the end of his journey and left his horse tied to a metaphorical post. Basha and CuChullaine are determined to maintain this rigorous code of exploration ethics guided by principles of honour and responsibility for the public's trust. They believe this is all the more important because the modern trend for financial profits is becoming more important than principles."

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