The Long Riders' Guild

Bonnie Folkins


"In the field of equestrian long riding, the creation of and functioning of the Long Riders Guild by Basha and CuChullaine O’Reilly is nothing short of a miracle. Drawing from a well of historical reference, their goal is very simple: to assist new Long Riders to travel in safety and, with the welfare of the horse being paramount, to conclude their journey out of harm's way.


The O’Reillys give everything of themselves – their time, expertise and their complete and absolute dedication.  Their inspiration springs from the dream of a better world – a world in which the fair sharing of information brings Long Riders together in a universal forum. Their loyal following knows very well that the O’Reillys represent the gold standard of ethics and excellence in equestrian exploration.  Subsequently, because of their efforts, the modern equestrian community in general has been greatly improved.


Having been nurtured under the guidance of Basha and CuChullaine has had a profound effect on my life; I am eternally grateful.  In fact, I cannot find words to adequately express how deeply the O'Reillys have touched my heart."

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