The Long Riders' Guild

Jean-Louis Gouraud


ďBasha and CuChullaine OíReilly know the difference between an adventure, a pony picnic and a real exploit. They can distinguish between a journey where the real hero is the horse and a stunt where the horse is only an accessory. It is because they know all this that they have decided to undertake what could be the most extraordinary equestrian journey of all time. Their aim is not to get into the Guinness Book of Records but to show the diversity of the equestrian species, its planetary omnipresence, and the richness of the humans who are allied to them. This expedition [the World Ride] will take two years. Or five. Or ten. It doesnít matter: itís not a race. Itís a journey. And itís not just about moving through space, itís also a pilgrimage in time: because it will be regulated by the beat of the horseís hooves, and above all because of the meetings which they will make along the way in equestrian civilizations some of which are thousands of years old. Have a good journey, my friends.Ē


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