The Long Riders' Guild

Colleen Hamer


I just have to say how honoured I am to have become a Member of the Long Riders Guild. Basha and CuChullaine O'Reilly were so helpful to me as I trekked across Nebraska. They have worked hard for many years to make as much information available to people like myself, people who are interested in long riding. It has been a thankless job and their only payment was to see riders safely on their journeys. CuChullaine is a long rider who has survived hell and high water himself. His unique experience from his days as a journalist in Pakistan and other parts of the world has made him very helpful to riders who find themselves in peril in any country. He works tirelessly to help these riders, even helping to get a man released from prison in India. They have spent years accumulating information on equestrian exploration and make that information available through the Long Riders Guild website. CuChullaine is now in the process of writing what initially was to be called a handbook and has now turned into an encyclopaedia. This book is not only for long riders but is also a collection of history regarding equestrian exploration. Once again...I am honoured to be a part of this organization.


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