The Long Riders' Guild

Colonel John Blashford-Snell, OBE, DSc(Hon), DEng(hc), FRSGS, is one of the world's most renowned and highly respected explorers. Colonel Blashford-Snell supports and works with numerous charities working with underprivileged youth in the UK as well as undertaking countless community aid projects in remote parts of the world. He is President of the Scientific Exploration Society, which he founded in 1969. Amongst his expeditions were the first descent of the Blue Nile during which he invented white water rafting 'by accident' (in 1968); crossing of the Darién Gap (1971 to 1972) and overseeing the first north–south vehicular journey from Alaska to Cape Horn; and a complete navigation of the Congo River (in 1974 to 1975).  In 1978 he established Operation Drake, which later developed into Operation Raleigh, an educational initiative for young people, of which he was Director General until he retired from this post in 1991. He was awarded the Segrave Trophy in 1974 and in 1993 he was awarded the Patron's Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical Society.

"Basha O’Reilly was with the Scientific Exploration Society expedition to Mongolia in 1994 and proved herself to be a most competent horsewoman and a highly compatible member of the team." We operated in a remote region carrying out important micro-biological work and many other tasks to assist the Mongolian government. Later Basha made some formidable long rides through challenging terrain and having met CuChullaine, went on to form the Long Riders’ Guild which has become a respected organisation with many experienced riders in its ranks. CuChullaine and Basha continue to study the history of the horse and have produced many important books on the subject. Today they are regarded as experts in this field and have an enviable international reputation. I should be happy to accompany them on any equine adventure."

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