The Long Riders' Guild

Geldy Kyarizov

If Allah saved my life and the lives of my family and gave me freedom, it is because not only in action but also in thoughts I have never betrayed the ancient culture of my people. All my life I fought for the spiritual and material heritage of the ancient Parthians that the Turkmens received as a gift from their ancestors.  I along with my friends managed to stop the slaughter of the Akhal-Teke horses at the time of the Soviet Union and as a minister  I managed to clean the breed from crossbreeding. But I was put in prison, and the cross-breeding has adopted a new and more threatening scale, which not only breeders, but the main usurper of power and impostor in horse breeding - the current President Berdymukhamedov are mired in.

The Turkmens have a proverb: ‘He who has never galloped a horse will pound the horse to death; the one who has never worn a new robe will shake the robe to holes, displaying it in public.’

This is the weak point of our tyrant. This is the weak point of every coward. They pose as heroes. Therefore it's the pathos and boasting - the main defining features of their essence, their natures.

I think your phrase, CuChullaine, that the Guild will present a legal case to the International Court of Justice was less scary than what you said after that. Specifically, your threat of organizing a boycott of the annual conferences in Turkmenistan for the day of the Akhal Teke and your declaration that the Akhal Teke will be denounced as a symbol of political slavery!

I have known this tyrant from his youth. He recently learned to ride a horse, and in the family, he is the only boy among five sisters who grew up, as a spoiled brat. And now by the will of fate, him being the nephew of the previous tyrant Niyazov, inheriting the throne and learning to ride a horse he is forcing all the guests - breeders from around the world to applaud him. Despite all of that, you scared him, CuChullaine! The boy got afraid that his favourite toy would be taken away.

I applaud you, CuChullaine, as a psychologist. You hit the top ten with the first shot. What you said couldn't have been said by any international human rights organization.”

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