The Long Riders' Guild

Simon Mulholland


I have been building pony and horse drawn vehicles for 14 years and am very definitely on the outer fringe of the equestrian world. This is not by any choice of mine, but building SAFE pony friendly vehicles like the Saddlechariot has been winding up the establishment since the year 2000.


I have known the Long Riders' Guild, and CuChullaine and Basha O'Reilly since about 2004 and they have been interested, informed, useful, supportive, questioning and helpful for all those years. They have made their enormous fund of knowledge and contacts available to me over the years, but most importantly, they have always been prepared to look at something new, and different, and judge it on its merits.


If the rest of the horseworld followed their example, and was prepared to look at new ideas, new ways of dealing with problems, while looking back at old ways and old equipment to see how they can be improved, and whether they can be improved, the horseworld would be a happier place, happier for the people concerned, happier for the horses.


The Long Riders Guild brings a wealth of information, old and new, on horses and their relationship with man, and woman, and makes it available to all. I am proud and grateful to be associated with them. And although my longest journey to date is nearly 800 miles short of membership of the Guild, and I drove rather than walked, one day I aspire to join their august body as a legitimate Member, rather than just a friend and supporter.

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