The Long Riders' Guild

Tim Mullan and Sam Southey

When we told people we were going to attempt a long ride across Mongolia we received many responses.  "I'd love to do that" when they didn't even ride and "Wow!  What a great holiday"  were two that popped up more often that one would like.

When we contacted The Long Rider's Guild, Basha and CuChullaine O'Reilly put us through our paces, checking we had done our research, planning and that we understood the huge responsibilities involved.  We were overjoyed to hear from people who appreciated the enormity of what we were about to do.

The Long Rider's Guild have supported us through tough times and through the celebrations when we finished our ride. They never doubted us, they always offered their services, their support and any help required.  They made us feel valued.

The Long Rider's Guild inspired us to take our love of horses and riding to a whole new level and we have never regretted it. New doors of opportunity have opened for us since completing our ride, which we have welcomed with open arms.  We will always be grateful for Basha and CuChullaine's support and friendship and we will continue to be inspired and wowed by normal people doing amazing things under the group name of The Long Riders' Guild.

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