The Long Riders' Guild

Grant Nicolle


"The Long Riders' Guild is a unique organisation which is keeping alive the real importance of the almost forgotten skill of equestrian travel.  CuChullaine and Basha continue to tirelessly promote collaborative knowledge in this specialist  field. I certainly directly benefitted from this when conceiving, planning and executing my trip the length of UK in 2007. I bought and fully digested numerous books published by Horse Travel Books, which gave me the energy and confidence to follow through with my plan.  To undertake any such long distance with a horse in Western Europe today is considered unusual, but by reading others' adventures this helps one realise what is possible and can create additional inspiration. I would urge anyone who is contemplating an equine adventure to undertake due diligence by reading up and learning from others before commencing their own one. This will increase chances of success immensely. Keep up the good work and I hope you gain further recognition for all your efforts."


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