The Long Riders' Guild

George Patterson


“It would be a mistake to believe The Long Riders’ Guild is simply an equestrian travel organization. Under the direction of Basha and CuChullaine O’Reilly the Guild has grown to be a renowned defender of equestrian ethics and a champion of social justice.  Read more....


When the Walt Disney studios attempted to use the movie “Hidalgo” to pass off the most infamous equestrian fraud of the 20th century as a ”true story,” the Guild led an unprecedented global campaign to inform the public and alert the press about the dangers of the Hopkins Hoax.


When Amazon threatened small publishers, the tiny Long Riders’ Guild Press waged a public battle to defend humanity’s collective literary rights.


 After Long Riders on three continents documented how the 3M Corporation was peddling abrasive shower mats as saddle pads, it was the Guild which launched an inquiry into this act of corporate malfeasance.


When a British automotive racing organization attempted to organize a notorious equestrian endurance race known as the Mongol Derby, it was the Guild which orchestrated a crusade which resulted in the safety of hundreds of horses being protected.


These events throw light on the character of The Long Riders’ Guild. Its mission is to protect horses, to educate and encourage those seeking wisdom, and when necessity demands, to speak the truth to those who would abuse their power.”


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