The Long Riders' Guild

Jean Cunninghame Graham, (Jean, Lady Polwarth)


Basha never stops!  She is quite extraordinary and inspires confidence wherever she goes! When I first met Basha, she realized I was a relation to "Don Roberto" (Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham) my great uncle Robert.  She asked if anyone had recently written anything about him, and I said, "Why yes, I have!"  But my biography of Uncle Robert was all hand-written on 800 pages!  Basha edited it down to 400, then typed it, which was very clever.  She then published Gaucho Laird and there have been marvellous reviews of the book regarding this famous Scottish equestrian traveller and statesman. I then handed over the executorship of Aimé Tschiffely's literary estate to Basha.  He was the most influential Long Rider in history, and I had been asked to protect his literary legacy by his widow. When I met Basha I realized she was the perfect person to assume the responsibility of guarding this, the most important Long Rider literary collection in history.  Not only was Basha a Long Rider and a publisher, she was also Swiss like Tschiffely. I feel confident that Basha will ensure that Tschiffely's famous equestrian travel books will live into the next century.”

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