The Long Riders' Guild

Robin Hanbury-Tenison


“Basha and CuChullaine O’Reilly have achieved a miracle that I would never have believed possible. To be honest, I thought the idea of compiling a collection of the greatest books by long distance riders was a nice idea, and I was flattered that my four equestrian travel books should be included, but I thought it would be an entertaining flash in the pan. To my amazement and increasing admiration, the O’Reillys have compiled the greatest collection of equestrian travel titles ever and somehow, at the same time, without appearing to pause for breath, compiled an equally large and significant collection of classic travel books. They have done this in the face of cynicism and sometimes outright hostility from the establishment, pioneering a new form of publishing on demand. I am proud to have been with them from the beginning and to have done my little bit to help.”


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