The Long Riders' Guild

Ian Robinson


The Long Riders Guild carries the torch for horseback explorers past, present and future. Without the efforts of CuChullaine and Basha O’Reilly the accounts of historic adventurers would be at risk of slipping into oblivion along with the knowledge they carried and shared. In fact an entire chapter of human history; that being the importance of, and our reliance on, the horse might very well be forgotten.


When it comes to current horseback adventurers the Long Riders Guild is THE authority on all aspects of travel by horse. Through the advice and encouragement the Guild gives to those aspiring to take the road less travelled they keep the traditions of long distance horseback journeys alive.


On a personal level my involvement with the Long Riders Guild has led me to vital contacts in Afghanistan, Mongolia and Japan and allowed me to further my own exploration and adventures which otherwise would not have been possible. Like so many I am indebted to the Guild and immensely proud to be part of this ‘tribe’!


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