The Long Riders' Guild

Otto Schwarz


“The Knights Templar were formed in 1129. To emphasize the organization’s intense belief in brotherhood, their emblem depicted two knights travelling on one horse. 


It may seem archaic to think that concepts such as personal honour, which the Templars cherished, are still relevant in our modern world. Yet how like our forefathers we are. There are still mounted seekers among us and the Long Riders’ Guild represents a new generation of people who are searching for honour, not honours.


Like other mounted tribes from the past, if Historical Long Riders had a code of conduct it remained unuttered and unwritten. But some concepts endure and must now be noted for posterity.


Dignity, discretion and discipline. Courtesy and courage. Honesty, generosity and loyalty. Wisdom, sincerity and benevolence. Unwavering tenacity. Skill with horses and fraternity among men. A love of personal liberty and a defender of independence. These are the qualities of the modern Long Rider.


The Long Rider never violates the welfare of his horse. She holds the needs of other Long Riders in the highest regard. He never forgets those Long Riders who rode before us.


Long Riding is about integrity. The journey is never used as a stage for public performance.


It is a system based on trust. The horse trusts you. The public trusts you. Your fellow Long Riders trust you.


To the public I would say that should you chance to see a Long Rider do not be deceived. His rough garb or her weathered appearance may go against them. But offer her horse a drink of water, or enter into a conversation with him, and the Long Rider’s good qualities will shine like sunlight through dark clouds.


Today’s modern Long Riders prove that nobility is not a birthright. It is defined by one’s actions.”


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