The Long Riders' Guild

BJ Stone


A special thank you to the Long Riders Guild for their support and willingness to so graciously set aside their daily tasks, to help me turn my dream into reality!  The Guild is a goldmine of vast information and, in my opinion, a vital necessity for anyone travelling by horseback, or wanting to learn anything about this way of life. 


The most important aspect of about the Long Riders Guild is the fact that they are a unique, close knit group of individuals who come together as one to ensure the safety and well-being of every horse first and foremost, and who welcome others with the same yearning to Saddle Up and ride through the "invisible door."


I would like to personally thank CuChullaine O'Reilly for taking his valuable time away from writing the “Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration” to personally advise and assist me with my journey.


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