The Long Riders' Guild

Kelly Destrake


Long Riders have used Kelly’s pack saddle since 2002 with complete success, on every type of pack animal ranging from small ponies to giant Bactrian camels, and taken it on expeditions that explored every continent except Antarctica. In 2009 Kelly donated a pack saddle to the Guild which is being used in an unprecedented ten-year field test by Long Riders around the world. Thanks to Custom Pack Rigging’s adjustable pack saddle and the Guild’s educational efforts the number of pack horses injured while travelling has dropped to an all-time low.


The Long Riders Guild's knowledge and understanding of the equestrian travel world far surpasses that of anyone else in the field!

I think it’s safe to say that Basha and CuChullaine O'Reilly are the reason the Long Riders Guild exists today.

Their tireless dedication and love for equestrian travel is evident in the success of the Guild.

Not only do the Guild’s Members benefit from their expertise but so does the general public.

And pack animals around the globe are being used more humanely because of their efforts and for that, we thank them.

CuChullaine’s enthusiasm for the adjustable pack saddle is contagious and the LRG's endorsement of Custom Pack Riggings adjustable pack saddle has helped contribute to my success.

Thanks to the work of Basha, CuChullaine and the Guild, my eyes have been opened to the marvels of long distance equine travel which I previously never knew existed.

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