The Long Riders' Guild

Stan Walchuk


When CuChullaine O’Reilly contacted me many years ago regarding the Cordillera Expedition wilderness journey, the Long Rider's Guild was a new concept to me and I thought it a novelty at that time. With CuChullaine's enthusiastic explanations and obvious dedication I became a believer and through the years have grown to see what belief and dedication are to a great cause, and can bear witness to its benefits.


First of all, it was a surprise to learn how many others shared what I believed was my own madness - long rides in wild places. And more than that: the number of people who contact me and mention how impressed they are with Long Riders and what they have accomplished, and how the Guild has brought this excitement to them. There have been many more in recent years and many who are new to horses and have become intrigued and involved. This is priceless behaviour in our poor old mechanized and stressed world.


Because of this, future riders have come to learn at our program, again, always a good thing.  They include Filipe Masetti Leite who is on the way to completing his ride from Canada to Brazil. I have met many riders from many disciplines and I can tell you that Long Riders are special people, people of the earth. The Long Riders Guild has been an important avenue to keep the enjoyment of sharing, the social circles, alive. We need to ask ourselves who on this earth would have taken the time and effort to compile the list and stories of amazing rides that CuChullaine and Basha O’Reilly have?  Truly, they are a piece of history, because what is history to us if it is not recorded? And such a unique part of history too. Thank you.

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