The Long Riders' Guild

Al Williams is planning a ride from Windsor, Ontario to Niagara Falls.

In an email to The Long Riders' Guild, Al wrote, " I hope to use the trip to raise awareness of mental illness and time it in conjunction with Mental Illness Awareness week October 4-10.  My ride is to be done under the name SOAR - Southern Ontario Awareness Ride."

Please visit Al's website:

We wish Al the very best of luck on both his ride and his mission.

 21st October 2004 

Al has completed his journey!

"I made it!!!" he wrote in an email to The Guild.  "I travelled from Windsor to Niagara Falls to raise awareness about mental illness.  It was a huge success:  lots of media coverage and lots of rewards personally.  If I was able to bring hope to one person with mental illness, it was all worth it.  Thank God for The Long Riders' Guild for their inspiration and support."

Thank you for your kind words, Al - that's what we're here for.

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