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The Horse Travel Handbook is a great source of proven advice.


This is the book I wish I’d read before I travelled twice (27 months - 5,000 miles) across the USA by horse and mule.

When folks ask me what’s the most important single piece of advice I have for horse travelers I’ve always said, “just go”. Then I followed up with a few tips on hoof care, saddles and shelter. Now, I’ve added The Horse Travel Handbook to the list of things it would help folks to know before striking out on a Long Ride.

Example? Before my 14-month Atlantic to Pacific journey, I wish I’d read the Handbook’s section on hoof boots. I eventually figured it out on my own but man what a pain. It would have been much simpler just to read the Handbook.

Not just for folks that want to ride across a continent, the Horse Travel Handbook is a great source of proven advice for shorter trips, from afternoon to overnight jaunts.

The best thing about The Horse Travel Handbook? It makes it easier than ever – whether you’re out for the afternoon or the month – to “just go”.


American Long Rider Bernie Harberts rode “ocean to ocean,” across the USA. Then he travelled by mule-drawn wagon from Canada to Mexico.