The Long Riders' Guild

When you're a Member of the Guild, you never ride alone.

This Handbook could be a door to a much wider source of knowledge and network of great people. 

Being able to communicate with CuChullaine and other Long Riders over numerous emails, and to check the Long Riders' Guild's website at any time gave, me the key information and direction I was needing for further research about specific topics for my own trip.

For myself, the Horse Travel Handbook is very useful to people that are going to start planning a trip from the very beginning. He covers all the main topics concerned with journeying by horseback whether short or long distances. These help you put into action the wealth of knowledge in the book while increasing your sense of awareness.

Once the Encyclopedia of Equestrian Exploration will be published we should finally have the most complete and detailed information available to date.

A highlight of the Handbook is that it comes from both the past and modern times with an array of destinations and cultural backgrounds.

I see traveling as a state of mind, not about getting away from things but going forward in ourselves. Connecting to nature, through animals as travel companions, is a way to realize how deeply dependent on nature we are.

I like to think that this way of traveling could bring us to a greater sense of overall awareness and cause us to reconsider our relationship with nature, with other people, and ultimately with ourselves.

CuChullaine likes to say "When you're a Member of the Guild, you never ride alone.

I want to endorse his message and send many thanks to the Guild and to all the Long Riders I have been in touch with.

Valerio Ceconi read the Horse Travel Handbook prior to riding across Argentina.