The Long Riders' Guild

Aimé Tschiffely would have loved the Horse Travel Handbook

Aimé Tschiffely would have made room for the Horse Travel Handbook in his pack had this masterfully crafted reference been printed 90 years before its time.

Tschiffely was the famous long rider who in 1925 commenced a 10,000 mile trek in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He and his two Criollo companions arrived three years later as inseparable friends to a hero’s welcome in Washington, D.C.

The Horse Travel Handbook is enjoyed not only as an often-visited reference but also as a cover-to-cover read. I have uniformly opened to sections while intending to read but a minute or two, only to find I had been pulled into wonderful writing with addictive stories that offered brilliant ideas, with an hour having passed in what seemed as but a moment in time.

CuChullaine O’Reilly’s authorship is bright, smile-generating and concise. The discussions are fresh and expertly chosen and are supported by hard-learned experience. This fabulous book truly assembles vast amounts of information, organized in brilliant detail that addresses a plethora of important subjects.

Aspiring long riders would be foolish to not include this wonderful reference in their packs when intending to venture beyond humanity over extended distances with our big-eyed best friends.

Gordon Cowan, Nevada, USA.