The Long Riders' Guild

I can't recommend the Horse Travel Handbook highly enough!

What a remarkable, knowledgeable and convenient resource for anyone wishing to undertake equestrian travel. It is easy to reflect on the highlights of a completed journey, such as my 3,500 mile ride across the Australia. But the Horse Travel Handbook also gives a sobering reminder of the enormity of such travel and what measures of planning need to go into a successful ride. I would have been grateful for the Handbook on my journey and reading through its pages paralleled many of the hardships we had to endure, and hadn't considered. Any would-be traveller ought to gain confidence from these pages. This is a practical contribution to the planning of any equestrian expedition and I can't recommend the Handbook highly enough for any intending Long Rider - be they a first time adventurer or indeed the experienced traveller.

Australian Long Rider Danny Phegan rode from Darwin, Northern Territory to Cockle Creek Bay, Tasmania.