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Don't Leave the Barn Without this Book!

400 miles into my first Long Ride across the USA, we were stopped by saddle sores due to my utter ignorance of how to travel 22 miles a day by horse. The Horse Travel Handbook allows anyone to have all the wisdom and knowledge of the Long Riders of this century and before.


Easy to read, understand and utilize - the Handbook preserves the 'science' of long distance horse travel in all terrains. In Star Trek times those who seek the challenge and accomplishment of horse travel will read this book and appreciate what CuChullaine O’Reilly put together.

By employing the recommendations in this book, Misty and I finished the last 2,700 miles without injury. Starting a Long Ride requires a lot of character. Those who read the Handbook and their mount will be much more likely to reach their destination safely and in good health.


American Long Rider Howard Wooldridge rode from Savannah, Georgia to Newport, Oregon. Then he rode across the USA again from Los Angeles to New York.