The Long Riders' Guild

Horse Travel Handbook is an answer to a prayer

The incredible surprise and delight at finding the Horse Travel Handbook is an answer to an unspoken prayer. The plans I am making for a very long journey on horseback in the 48 contiguous states of America have just become infinitely easier with my studies of this invaluable work by CuChullaine O'Reilly. From someone (as well as his phenomenal wife, Basha) who has been there and done that, this book is replete with information regarding journeying with an equine companion. It is penned with an obvious love of, and admiration for, our noble carriers of sod and man for all of written history. The Horse Travel Handbook is an imperative tool for any person desiring to travel with horses - especially in the saddle; so much so that descriptions of dangers, including death, attacks, thefts, quicksand and more - for a wee moment this person of 64 years old was almost talked out of continuing plans with departure no later than May 2019. I've many obstacles to overcome, mostly in the form of homosapiens.  Mr. O'Reilly addresses this as well. However the O'Reillys incredible expertise and their generosity with knowledge and encouragement offsets any discouraging words. Lastly, if you ever wanted to ride cross country but believe you are not able, reading this book just might make you feel as if you had.

Dr. Paula Kristian TTT