The Long Riders' Guild

Indispensable for anyone considering a journey on horseback.

This book went far beyond my expectations. It is indispensable for anyone considering a journey on horseback. It will save horse and rider untold misery, and will benefit horses worldwide in any sport endeavour.

This book also carries historic significance, as there is truly no other book like it- anywhere. This is the concise version of the 3- volume edition yet to come, the long-awaited Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration, which preserves the all-but-lost knowledge of centuries past where the horse was the means of global land travel.

This is not simply experience gained by one horse traveller. It is a compilation of just about everything ever written about horse travel, the result of years collecting and preserving out of print books as well as collecting information through a website from many current riders. The author is an investigative journalist who leaves no stone unturned, and a talented writer. His former book, Khyber Knights, about his own horse travels and related adventures in Pakistan, should be on the best-seller list.

Travel by horse is a unique experience beyond the imagination of most people in today's world. The relationship of horse and rider is profound. The author defines this culture of mutual respect, including the ethics of horse travel to maintain it. It is packed with information to keep both rider and horse safe and happy on the trail.

This book is a valuable not only to all horsemen who seek this special relationship with their horse, but to travelers and historians as well. It will spark interest into further realms of possibility. I highly recommend it.

American Long Rider Lucy Leaf made an 8,000-mile journey through the United States.