The Long Riders' Guild

3,500-mile Long Rider Endorses CuChullaine O'Reilly's The Horse Travel Handbook

CuChullaine O'Reilly has devoted more time, energy, personal resources, intelligence, devotion, reportage, and fervour to the preservation of the art of long-distance riding than any other world citizen in modern times--and probably ever. The Horse Travel Handbook is the thorough, convenient, accurate, and correct handbook for the art of long-distance travel. It was designed to be used, right here, right now, by any adventurer planning to embark on a horseback journey, or any rider already underway and in need of advice. Through O'Reilly's decades of research of every available written document on the topic, and through his daily contact with horseback trekkers the world over through The Long Riders Guild, which he co-founded, O'Reilly has compiled all the necessary information needed to successfully complete a trek that keeps horses sound and safe and helps riders reach their goals. This precursor to O'Reilly's forthcoming encyclopedia volumes on the topic, provides an easy-to-use reference and instruction guide. I have ridden 3,000 miles with my former husband, over a period of 7.5 months in 1982. We employed two riding horses and three pack horses, and travelled through the Rockies and Midwest. I also have ridden a 500-mile ride alone through the Midwest. I can say that every long-distance rider will find The Horse Travel Handbook essential to his or her preparation and successful execution.

American Long Rider Lisa Stewart