The Long Riders' Guild


A+ for any rider.

Iíve just wrapped up this book and have circled and highlighted at least every other page. Iíve spent my whole life with horses, under many different conditions, but there still remains an immense amount of knowledge that one cannot learn, but through others experiences. The book had a surprising wealth of information behind each page. There was a lot of information including winter camping and river crossing that I had not known of previously, even being an outdoor mountain person.

This book went into detail in everything that is so important for any rider, long distance or not... even down to the temperatures of water to be drunk by the horses, to what degree to cross rivers, cycling feeding and watering for colic prevention and more. The amount of information on the well-being of a horse through weight-loading, hoof care, and even with the saddle blankets and cinch material left me with a wealth of information sure to be of immense benefit to my horses.

This book will be recommended by me not only to long riders, but to any horse owner or rider. Thank you again for producing such a helpful wealth of information. It very well could safe my life when out in the backcountry!

Stevie Anna Plummer read the Horse Travel Handbook prior to riding across Patagonia.