The Long Riders' Guild

I can’t say enough about this magnificent book.

The Horse Travel Handbook by CuChullaine O’Reilly is without doubt one of the finest equestrian books of any kind ever written. I can’t say enough about this magnificent book. Between these covers is an astonishingly comprehensive and vital wealth of information about travel with horses under any circumstance the rider would ever encounter on planet earth. This is a hugely complex subject, involving horse behavior, health, equipment, terrain, weather, cultural differences, crossing borders, heat and cold, knots, packing, shoeing, firearms, and a thousand other things. This book preserves the wisdom of a thousand years—wisdom that is rapidly dying out in this modern world—and for that alone it is of paramount importance. It is a book for all horse lovers, from casual pleasure riders to passionate Long Riders attempting a ten-thousand mile journey. It makes for essential (and fascinating) reading, whether you are trapped in a Mongolian blizzard or sitting in an armchair by the fire.  This is a book for the ages.

American Long Rider Doug Preston is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical, who rode across the Despoblado Desert and is the author of Cities of Gold.