The Long Riders' Guild

Essential for the horseman!

In the last twenty five years I have travelled thousands of kilometers on solo horse treks across Mongolia, Tibet, Afghanistan and Siberia. I thought I had a pretty good understanding of all things to do with horse trekking in remote and often hostile regions, and while I may have plenty of experience once I open the Horse Travel Handbook I realized it held within a greater wealth of knowledge I had ever considered and many things to do with horse trekking I had never even thought of!

The Handbook is a collection of wisdom gathered over thousands of years by hundreds of riders who have actually and personally lived life from horseback themselves, they have survived to pass on this valuable and irreplaceable knowledge, which CuChullaine has collected into this volume.

The importance and value of the Handbook cannot be underestimated, as well as being a practical 'how to?' Guide for anyone planning a long ride, or for any horse people it also preserves a treasure of equestrian knowledge gathered through the ages in an easy to read and entertaining form.

New Zealand Long Rider Ian Robinson made solo journeys across Mongolia, Tibet and Afghanistan.  Author of "Gantsara", "You Must Die Once" and the award-winning "Tea with the Taliban".