The Long Riders' Guild

Noted for its no-nonsense advice


Equestrian travel is for the young at heart!  I am about to depart on my first serious equestrian journey at the ripe age of 81.


I have spent my life with horses but, learning how to travel across the country with my horse is quite another thing and with critical new skills to learn.


The Horse Travel Handbook gave me telling facts about potential dangers, delays and obstacles all of which I will, all too certainly, encounter during my journey through Scotland and England.


Traffic hazards were just one of the many useful and alarming warnings. The Handbook also mightily increased my ability to protect my horse's all-important welfare.


The Handbook has, of course, increased my awareness but also my confidence. Forewarned is forearmed!


I most urgently recommend The Horse Travel Handbook to all present and future Long Riders. It would be positively unwise even to set off on a trek without a copy to explain, advise and warn about potential problems and their resolutions.


Sir Humphry Wakefield read The Horse Travel Handbook prior to riding from Scotland towards Cornwall.