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With the advent of the motor age equestrian exploration is facing new challenges. Yet courageous Long Riders such as Ian Robinson (above), who is the first foreign equestrian explorer to venture into Yakutia in 125 years, continue to prove that humanity has a desire to explore our planet.


The Long Riders’ Guild has mentored or assisted more than 150 equestrian expeditions on every continent except Antarctica. This support includes offering free advice, the loan of valuable equipment and assistance in finding suitable horses. In times of trouble a Long Rider knows he/she can count on the emotional support of the Guild and its Members.


Listed below are the various expeditions which have been assisted and documented by the Guild. In accordance with the published rules of the Long Riders’ Guild, all of the expeditions listed agreed to abide by this equestrian code of ethical conduct:


- a determination to put the horse’s welfare above their own

- acknowledgement of the assistance of The Long Riders' Guild and a copy of the LRG logo on their website

- a willingness to describe themselves as Long Riders on their website and to the press

- at the conclusion of their journey, a readiness to share their individual experiences with would-be Long Riders 

- if the ride is for a charity, the funds will be accounted for at the conclusion of the journey.

Completed Expeditions



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