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Disney Rides into Trouble with Story of Cowboy who Conquers the Middle East London's The Independent, 10 March 2004
Museum curator sees little truth in 'Hidalgo' The Billings Gazette, 9 March 2004
Hidalgo: Caught Horse-Thieving The Washington Post, 5 March 2004
Hidalgo is simply an unbelievable story Arizona Daily Star, 5 March 2004
Hidalgo - based on a not-so-true story Slate Magazine, 5 March 2004
"Pony Baloney" The Arizona Republic, 4 March 2004
Hidalgo - based on an incredible true lie The Boston Herald, 3 March 2004
Disney Movie Raises Storm The Arab News, 1 March 2004
Has Disney been taken for a ride? England's Daily Mail, 29 February 2004
Fact or Fiction?  'Hidalgo' under fire The Billings Gazette, 29 February 2004
Seabiscuit vs. Hidalgo National Association of Competitive Mounted Orienteering -
The Long Trail of Lies Los Angeles Times, 17 February 2004
Hidalgo:  Not What You Think Don Blazer in
Liar, Liar, Chaps on Fire Outside Magazine, March 2004
The Truth about Hidalgo True West Magazine, March 2004
Against All Odds Horse & Rider Magazine, January 2004
Hidalgo Captures the Cowboy Heart American Cowboy Magazine, December 2003
Hollywood Horses Cowboys & Indians Magazine, November/December 2003
Hidalgo - from the Myth to the Movie - Part 2 Trail Blazer Magazine, November 2003
Hidalgo - from the Myth to the Movie - Part 1 Trail Blazer Magazine, October 2003
True Story or Tall Tale? Equus Magazine, October 2003
Hidalgo based on a legend, not a true story, says Disney True West Magazine, October 2003
Hidalgo Endurance Race Hoax Wild West Magazine, October 2003
"Horses and People" Western Horseman Magazine, July 2003
Frank Hopkins & Hidalgo - Fact or Fabrication? Endurance News Magazine, June 2003
An Equestrian Controversy in the Making Trail Blazer Magazine, May 2003
Hidalgo:  Embellishing a fact or inventing a lie The Saudi Gazette, May 15, 2003
Western adventurer's life debunked as possible hoax The Billings Gazette, May 15, 2003
Hidalgo:  A Film or Flimflam? The Arab News, May 13, 2003
Hidalgo:  Riding Into a Storm of Controversy  The Arab News, May 12, 2003
Horseman's talents were well recognized The Rutland Herald, March 23, 2003
Hopkins legend just a tall horse tale? The Rutland Herald, March 15, 2003
Equestrian guild blasts Dis' 'Hidalgo' Hollywood Reporter March 13, 2003


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