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The Hopkins Hoax

Academic Assistance

The Long Riders' Guild would like to thank the men and women listed here for the invaluable part they played in this unique international scholastic effort. These academics, researchers, librarians, genealogists, authors, and experts graciously donated their time, energy, support and resources to help The Guild discover the truth about the life and legends of Frank Hopkins.

We would also like to extend a special "thank you" to Robert Easton, now deceased, whose academic principles shone like a light through the fog of Frank Hopkins' mythology.

Magdy Abdul Aziz

Vice President of the Egyptian Endurance Riders Association (EERA)

Dr. Awad Al-Badi

Director of Research, King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies

Ghalib Al-Quaiti

Was the last ruling Sultan of the Quaiti State in what is now Yemen and is an informed source on the equestrian history of his country.

Dr. Mohammed Talal Al-Rasheed

Scholar in Arabic and English literature and history

Janis Ashley

Administrator, William S. Hart Museum

Jeffrey Bridgers

Reference Specialist, Prints & Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Marcelle Brothers

Co-founder of the Billy the Kid Historic Preservation Society

William Buckner

Manager, Genealogy Division, Waco-McLennan County Library

Paul Carnahan

Librarian, Vermont Historical Society

Frances Clymer

Librarian, McCracken Library, Buffalo Hill Historical Center

Nancy Coleman


Paula Covington

Research Librarian, Vanderbilt University Library

Charles Craver

Arabian Horse Expert

Fred Dahlinger

Research Librarian, Circus World Museum


Professor David Dary

Emeritus professor and former head of what is now the Gaylord College of Journalism at the University of Oklahoma, is the recipient of many awards including the Wrangler Award from the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, two Spur awards from the Western Writers of America, and Best Book Award from Westerners International.  He is the author of more than a dozen published books on the West including The Buffalo Book (1974), Cowboy Culture (1981) Red Blood and Black Ink: Journalism in the Old West (1998), and The Santa Fe Trail (2000). 

James Davidson

Historian at the Rutland, Vermont Historical Society

Steve Davis

Assistant Curator, Southwestern Writers Collection, Southwestern University, Georgetown.



Dr. Vine Deloria Jr.

Leading Native American scholar, whose research, writings, and teaching have encompassed history, law, religious studies, and political science.  He is a retired professor emeritus of history at the University of Colorado and the author of many acclaimed books, including God is Red and Red Earth, White Lies.  Dr. Deloria, a Standing Rock Sioux, has been hailed as "one of the 11 great religious thinkers of the twentieth century" by Time magazine.  His first work, Custer Died for Your Sins (1969) was one of the most influential books written on Indian affairs and helped launch the field of Native American studies.

Anne Marie Donoghue

Associate Registrar, Buffalo Bill Historical Center

Chris Doran

British Horse Society

Janis P. Duffy

Reference Supervisor, Massachusetts State Archives 

Jim Dullenty

Author of Harry Tracy, The Last Desperado (1989), A Place called Earp:   the town named for Wyatt Earp (2001) and The Butch Cassidy Collection (1987)

Professor Rick Ewig

Associate Director of the American Heritage Center of the University  of Wyoming

Dr. John Gable

Executive Director, Theodore Roosevelt Association

Professor Henry Giroux

Waterbury Chair Professor of Education at Penn State University and author of dozens of books including The Mouse that Roared – Disney and theEnd of Innocence, in which he explores the many ways in which Disney strives to dominate global media and influence the future of children.

Green Mountain Horse Association

Vermont Riding and Equestrian experts

Casey Edward Greene

Head of Special Collections, Rosenberg Library, Galveston Historical Museum

Mark Greene

Director of the American Heritage Center of the University of Wyoming

Peter Harrigan

Investigative Journalist

Kathleen Henkel

Executive Director of American Endurance Ride Conference

Joy Holland

Research Librarian, Brooklyn Public Library

Lynn Hows

Curatorial Assistant at the Buffalo Bill Museum, Buffalo Bill Historical Center

John Hudson

Chairman of Endurance GB

Anne Hyland

British expert on the history of endurance racing and author of many books, including The Endurance Horse - a World Survey (1988), Riding Long Distance (1993), Endurance Riding (1976) and Beginner's Guide to Endurance Riding (1974)

John Irwin

Research Librarian, Denver Public Library

Jeremy James

Founder Member of The Long Riders' Guild and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Judith Johnson

Genealogist, Connecticut Historical Society

Jim Kroll

Research Librarian, Denver Public Library

Greg Lalire

Editor, Wild West magazine

James Lewis

Reference Librarian, New Jersey Historical Society

Katherine Maher

Curator of the Barnum Museum

Dale Manning

Research Librarian, Vanderbilt University Library

Miles Matthews

Research Intern, McCracken Library, Buffalo Hill Historical Center

Linda Merims

Endurance Rider and researcher

Gregory Michno

Author of Lakota Noon:  the Indian narrative of  Custer's Defeat (1997), and The Mystery of E Troop;   Custer's Gray Horse Company at the Little Bighorn (1994) and Encyclopedia of Indian Wars -   western battles and skirmishes, 1850-1890

Tom Mueller

Reference Librarian, Citrus County Library, Florida

Carol Mulder

Arabian horse expert and biographer of Albert W. Harris

Marcy W. Murray

Curatorial Assistant, Ringling Circus Museum & Archives

Gordon Naysmith

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Long Rider

Barbara Oakleaf

Fremont County Library Manager

Professor Edward T. O'Donnell

Department of History, Holy Cross College, author of Ship Ablaze - The Story of the General Slocum Disaster

Basha O’Reilly

Founder Member of The Long Riders’ Guild and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

CuChullaine O’Reilly

Founder Member of The Long Riders’ Guild and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Melissa Paul

Curator, W. K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library

Wendy Peckham

British Horse Society

Katherine Pennavaria

Research Librarian, Western Kentucky University

Gregory Plunges

Archivist, New York Federal Archives

Professor Ione Quigley

Chair of Lakota Studies, Sinte Gleska University

Bonnie Rand

Business Manager, Ohio University Press and informed source on the history of the Swallow Press

John Rigsby

Library Supervisor, Newspapers & Microfilm Center, Free Library of Philadelphia

Eric Robinson

Reference Assistant; New York Historical Society Library

Louise Samson

Curator of the Fort Laramie National Historic Site

Arthur Saxon

Circus expert and author of Enter Foot and Horse - A History of Hippodrama in England and France

Brian Shovers

Research Librarian, Montana Historical Society

Jonathan Simons

Lakota Studies, Sinte Gleska University

Dr. Donald Smith

Professor of Canadian History at the University of Calgary, an expert on Indian Imposters, and author of From the Land of Shadows – the Making of Grey Owl and Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance – the Glorious Imposter

Waddell W. Stillman

President, Historic Hudson Valley, New York

Jacquelyn Sundstrand

Manuscripts & Archives Librarian, Special Collections Department, University of Nevada

Mariam Touba

Reference Librarian, New York Historical Society

Timothy Weidner

Director, Chapman Historical Museum

Tara Wenger

Research Librarian, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas, Austin.

Dr. Joe Wheeler

Founder and Executive Director, Zane Grey's West Society

Dr. Juti Winchester

Curator of the Buffalo Bill Museum at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center

Mary Witkowski

Head of Collections, Bridgeport Public Library, Connecticut

Dr. Donald Worcester

Past President of Western Writers of America, the Western History Association, and Westerners International.  Recipient of the 'Saddleman' Award and distinguished Emeritus at Texas Christian University

Dale Yeager

President, Seraph Security, with extensive training in criminal profiling and forensic psychology. 

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